Hand Forged Longsword Bastard Sword
Hand Forged Longsword Bastard Sword
Hand Forged Longsword Bastard Sword

Hand Forged Longsword Bastard Sword

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Hand Forged Authentic Longsword

This Longsword, also known as a Bastard Sword during the late medieval period, is hand forged and hand sharpened to create the perfect blade. Fully functional and battle ready.

The sword features a menacing wide high-carbon steel blade that strikes fear in anyone who faces it. 

The scalloped brass crossguards arch gracefully toward the blade. A flawless cusp at the center of the guard adds a touch of elegance to the hilt.

The grip is ridged smartly and wrapped with black leather making it feel very secure and comfortable in the hand.

The scabbard for this sword is custom fitted, with large notched accent plates of brass on the throat and tip.

The blade is full tang and battle ready. It is strong enough to cut through a thick bamboo tree with a single strike yet sharp enough to slice paper. 


This is a sharpened battle ready Longsword very suitable for warriors and collectors. It would also make a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one.

Traditional Full Hand Forge

Blade Type: Full Tang Blade

Sword Type: Longsword / Bastard Sword

Function: Real Functional Sword

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel

Overall Length: 38 inches

Blade Length: 30 inches

Blade Width: 2.5 inches

Near Point Width: 1.5 inches

Weight: 3 lbs.

Includes scabbard.